Make You And Us Mechanical Services Your First Choice For HVAC & Refrigeration Repairs And Installations

In 2007 Julian Burrell was working in New York City on Sutton Place in a luxury apartment with a previous employer when he had the idea of going into business to help customers to achieve more for less. In that client’s apartment, the name You And Us presented itself to him.

So it was on September 09, 2009, he started a humble air conditioning & refrigeration service, repair, and installation company out of a 1999 green Toyota Camry. You And Us started with the principle of “Giving more than what we get paid for” and that principle still stands today.

16 years forward into the future. We are now serving a large number of customers from homeowners, commercial, and city agencies. We ask the question to our customers and teammates: What more can we do to become better? We believe engaging in that conversation is very vital to the survival of any business.

The HVAC-R industry has changed for the better and we have certainly adapted to that change, and we’re learning, growing, providing, and giving more.
As an experienced HVAC-R contractor service provider, we specialize in a wide range of both residential & commercial designing, engineering, and installation of complete comfort systems for homes and buildings in need of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, water heater, and (ERV) energy recovery ventilation systems.

At You And Us Mechanical Services, we understand how important it is to keep your equipment operating properly. Faulty systems can not only jeopardize your comfort but can negatively impact the quality of your system.

We have an excellent reputation in the HVAC-R industry. For more than 16 years customers have been relying on us for their HVAC-R needs. Let us quote your next project; you’ll be happy you did!

Dedicated To Providing HVAC-R Solutions

You And Us Mechanical Services is dedicated to bringing you the best possible customer service, workmanship and solutions for all your HVAC-R needs. We work with you from the ground up to prepare and customize an economical heating, cooling or refirgeration system. After installation is complete, we can work with you to service and maintaining your investment so it safely operates for many years to come.

We constantly seek feedback from customers and educate ourselves to the most innovative methods in order to stay productive and competitive, while enhancing the quality and value of the homeowners and facilities we serve.

You And Us Mechanical Services will assist customers in making confident choices with the appropriate manufacturers that either we recommend or open a discussion involving our prospects’ needs for temperature, humidity control, new heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation systems in order to deliver reliability and sustainability to critical client spaces.

Our area of expertise is design/build and plan/spec work, retrofits of existing air conditioning system, repair and maintenance. We work with general contractor remodeling contractors, customers, homeowners, city agencies, mechanical engineers, architects and designers.


At You And Us Mechanical Services, we employ highly trained HVACR technicians and Steamfitter specialists to do all our contracted work, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best service available.

  • Our HVAC-R teammates complete trade school before engaging in on-site servicing.
  • Following trade school, teammates are required to participate in educational classes and training dealing with the latest technologies.
  • Each teammate has required OSHA and state certifications.
  • Each teammate has required New York City Fire Department G60 for Torch use of Flammable Gases.
  • Each teammate has required New York City Fire Department F60 for Fire Guard for Torch Operation.
  • Each teammate is required to have other safety certifications each as Confined Space, Silica, Scaffolding etc.
  • Office staff are very professional courteous people person and continue learning by participating in various classes with New York City Government AGENCY be more efficient, confident, and productive with processing documents, change orders, submittals, payment requisition interaction with staff, contractors, bidding, and much more.

We’re located in Mount Vernon and The Bronx New York, serving Westchester and the Tri-State Area. We take our business very seriously. So whether you have a small repair, maintenance or a large project all is very important to you and to us as well. We are here to serve you. At You And Us Mechanical Services, and we never let a customer down.