#1 Trusted Heating Services In NYC

Living in New York can mean a freezing cold winter. In order to keep your home or business warm and toasty, you need a reliable heating system to do the work every day and night. Regardless of what your existing heating system is, whether it’s a new project from boiler, force-air furnace, heat pump etc., your heating system is going to be put through the test to keep you comfortable.

At You And Us Mechanical Services, we understand that heating service means so much to you it’s survival of the ash cold winters. Routine maintenance can help to prevent breakdown in the middle of a cold winter’s night. If there is a breakdown timely repairs and installation of new systems can be available to you in a moment’s notice. We’re here for you 24/7 to make it possible, so give us a call to discuss options and requirements. You can count on us for honesty, reliable and great prices.

Furnaces Services In Westchester County, New York Tri-State Area

Traditional forced air furnace uses natural gas to heat the air, which is then blown into the home or business using a fan inside the furnaces control by a thermostat when the desired temperature is reach. This system keeps your home and business space warm and comfortable throughout winter. It takes a trained technician who know his craft and can follow mechanical details for you to enjoy a high-functioning system for years to come.

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Unlike furnaces, which warm air for winter heating, boilers heat and distribute hot water, (e.g. baseboard heating) or steam from hot water (e.g. radiators) to warm an environment. Boilers require yearly maintenance to work optimally but because many are fueled by oil, the costs to use a boiler can be prohibitive year after year, given the skyrocketing prices of oil.

Call on You and Us Mechanical to provide maintenance for your boiler, but perhaps more importantly, consider using us to switch to a gas furnace or other HVAC options that can be cost effective in the switchout and perhaps provide rebates from your local gas company, too.

Humidifier In The Winter

Dry air in the winter can make your sinuses uncomfortable and can lead to winter colds.

You And Us Mechanical Services can install humidifiers to help, or service an existing malfunctioning one. We’re here for you 24/7 to make it possible. So give us a call to discuss options and requirements. You can count on us for reliable solutions and fair pricing.

Furnace Repair Services In NYC

Although warm air furnaces are very reliable systems, at some point you will encounter a breakdown.

Most furnaces used in our area use parts found on our service trucks and can be installed the same day. If you’re the carbon monoxide device is going off, if the furnace is five-5 years are older, you may have a broken heat exchanger that’s leaking harmful carbon monoxide into your livable space.

At You And Us Mechanical Services, we’re here for you 24/7 to make the fix in a moment’s notice. Give us a call to discuss options and requirements, you can count on us for to get the job done promptly and or less.

A Furnace Fixing Service You Can Trust

Our highly professional specialists can fix just about any furnace on site. They are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to repair and fix all kinds of heating systems.

Furnace Maintenance

We perform effective maintenance of your furnaces to save up costs on repairs.

Furnace Replacement

Old unit stopped working or breaking down constantly? We can replace it for you.

Pilot Problems

Has the pilot in your furnace stopped igniting? Let us replace it with a brand new one.

Thermostat Malfunction

Can’t seem to regulate the temperature in your room? We also fix thermostats.

Dirty Filters

Are the filters in your furnace dirty? We can clean them and even replace them for you.

Heating Efficiency

If your furnace isn’t heating properly, we can inspect and fix the problem effectively.

Installation Of Furnaces In Your Home Or Building

Forced air furnaces are reliable heating systems. Many homeowners and businesses that use force air systems also add an air conditioning system to it to make it into central air.

You And Us Mechanical Service installs furnaces throughout Westchester County and the New York City Metropolitan Area in homes and business and spaces that need to be heated. When working with our professionals — from project manager, technician and estimator — you’ll receive a fair appraisal of the situation at hand.

Why Choose You & Us Mechanical For Furnace Services In NYC?

Every expert that we have employed to fix your furnaces is highly reliable, incredibly trustworthy, experienced and knowledgeable. Are you searching for specialists with the right experience?