Variable Refrigerant Flow / VRF System Services NYC

Are innovative climate control technologies that allow for changes in temperature in different parts of a building at different times of day.

The basic idea is that a large outdoor unit serves multiple indoor units. Each indoor unit uses an LEV (electronic liquid expansionvalve) to control its refrigerant supply to match the demand of the space it serves.

The outdoor unit also varies its output to match the communal demands of the indoor units it serves.

System types VRF / VRV systems can be used for cooling only, heat pumping and heat recovery. On heat pump models indoor units can be either mode but all must be in the same mode if served by the same out door unit.

The cooling only and heat models are basically large, sophisticated, efficient multi-splits. The recovery or simultaneous mode systems provide both heating and cooling from the same outdoor unit and thus exploit this technology most effectively. They offer considerable potential for energy savings in many applications.

Why Using A VRF System In NYC The Best Option?

Some houses, condos, and apartments in the state of NYC are compact styled. If you are residing in one such premise, your first choice will be to employ a system that can help you save some space. Our technicians can install VRF systems.

A VRF system doesn’t require any ducts, air handlers or inner units. Hence, your walls and ceilings will be free of any form of extra outlets or units taking up your room space.

Moreover, you can now control your VRF systems using a phone app on your smartphone which offers perfect accessibility. These energy-efficient solutions are great for combating heat during the summer seasons and warming up your house during the winter season.

At You and Us Mechanical, our teams will only install VRF systems that are very quiet and runs at the required capacity.

Let us ensure that your VRF system becomes a peaceful & energy-efficient solution for you.

Have Complete Faith In Our Professional Experts

We have employed some of the best VRF system experts in NYC to inspect, repair and install all types of VRF systems. Our tech-savvy individuals are equipped with the right tools and the perfect knowledge of fixing & deploying different VRF systems.

They are vigilant in identifying all potential problems within your unit and only make the best recommendations. Our teams are also very flexible in adjusting the budget of your expenditures based on how much you’re able to spend on the service.

We believe in installing VRF systems with high-quality precision. Are you in need of a professional for Air Conditioning Repair or Server Room Cooling System?

Hire The Best VRF System Service In NYC Now

Is your VRF system malfunctioning or are you in need of replacing your old duct-based HVAC unit with a newly built VRF System? You know where to find us. Just make the call and hire us.