We Install And Repair Server Room Cooling Systems

Are the Server Machines in Your IT Rooms Running Hot?

Server equipment is expensive and when it gets hot, it gets really hot. To keep the temperature in your server rooms constant, one must maintain the best cooling environment. The last thing you need is to see your server fail because it was not kept in a proper cooling environment. If you don’t want to get your head stuck in solving server cooling issues, then call one of the highly trained professionals from You and Us Mechanical to install a state-of-the-art IT cooling system for your IT room.

By calling on the right cooling service providers for your IT rooms, you can protect your servers from all temperature hazards.

At You & Us Mechanical, we design server room cooling systems to fit the requirements our clients’ needs perfectly. We are not just common AC technicians; we are certified specialists who are skilled in working with a variety of cooling services.

Do you need a professional Server Room Cooling System service to protect your technology from over heating?

What Makes Us A Class Apart From The Rest?

Designing a Server Room Cooling System is not as simple as it sounds. While most individuals might think, “Install a number of splits and air conditioning unit and the job is done” but that’s certainly not the case. Server room cooling installation is a complex process that requires a considered plan and the right cooling equipment.

Choosing the wrong equipment may fail to provide the optimal efficiency level for your servers. We not only install the units but also prepare a backup system based on the demands of your IT room setup.

We consider a number of other factors such as the humidity level, outside atmosphere and whether the room is sealed or not. After taking everything into consideration, we’ll offer you our recommendations.

We Not Only Install Cooling Setups, But We Also Replace Your Existing Ones

Is the current cooling setup in your IT room giving you a tough time? If your server room cooling equipment has become outdated or if it’s failing to cool your IT room equipment effectively, then it’s best that you invest in replacing your old cooling setups with completely new ones. A new IT room cooling system will increase the life of your servers tenfold and increase their working efficiency, too.

If you are searching for new cooling mechanicals for your servers then trust us at You and Us Mechanical, we would be more than willing to make you some informed recommendations. We are one of the top of the line server cooling system replacement services in NYC and beyond.

Trust our experts, sit back and relax. Let us get the installation job done perfectly.